New Bliss Polish Now Availbale!!

We've got
New York's Top Nail Polish
available in the Gamboa and Shangri-La branches

Shades available at Gamboa:
Shades Available at Shangri-La:
And We've got NEW colors from the Lippman Collection

Shades available at the Shangri-La branch:
  • Sarah Smile
  • Dark Side
  • Night and Day
  • Maneater
  • My Old Flame
Shades available at the Gamboa branch:
  • Kiss From A Rose
  • Sarah Smile
  • Just Walk Away Renee
  • Constant Craving
  • Fade to Black
Shades available at The Block branch:
  • No More Dream
  • Don't Call Me Baby
*Rescue Beauty Lounge and Lippman Collection nail polishes may be used with the Bliss Treatment. For other treatments / services, they may be used for a minimal polish upgrade fee.
*Some colors are available for use, others may be available for sale.