(photo courtesy of opi.net.au)

OPI Gel Color contains a polymer that allows it to stay shiny and last longer than regular nail polish.  On a manicure,  It can stay on and beautiful for up to 2 weeks, depending on how you use your hands.  

At the Nail Spa, we use an LED (light emitting diode) light to set the gel color and at the same time ensure safe curing.  It does not emit any UV rays that may cause skin cancer.  

OPI Gel Color is now available at all Nail Spa branches.  Upgrade fees apply.

Some FAQs about GEL Polish:
1. Can anyone use gel color? 
Yes.  However, we do not recommend gel color use for those with weak, brittle or damaged nails.  Also not recommended for those with fungal infections, diabetes or other medical conditions.   
2.  How long does it take to apply gel polish?
Application of your polish (not including cleaning service) may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. 
3. Is it completely dry after application?
Yes, it is completely dry after application.  However, for the feet,  we still recommend you wear open sandals or flip flops.
 4. How long will it last?
Based on product information and our own testing, Gel color can stay on and shiny for up to 2 weeks.  In some cases even longer.  On a manicure however, this is dependent on how you use your hands (e.g. exposure to chemicals, washing, housework, typing, gardening etc). 
5.  My gel polish chipped / peeled after 3 days! 
We provide nail insurance for gel nails up to 3 days from application.  This means that if your gel polish came off or chipped within 3 days of application, we will repair it free of charge.  Just call the branch where you had it done to schedule the repair.  You must have the repair done within 3 days of application.  Repairs will not be done after the 3 days have passed. 
 6.  If it still looks good, can i just keep it on indefinitely?
Many gel products claim safe use for prolonged periods of time.  But at the nail spa, in the interest of healthy nails, we still recommend to keep it on for a maximum of 2 weeks only.  
7. Will gel color damage my nails? Are there side effects?
Because of its chemical composition, gel color may cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation in some people.  Immediate removal and appropriate medical attention is recommended in this case.  Also, we have observed that gel polish may cause drying and weakening of the nails, evident after removal.  In this event, we recommend resting the nails from any kind of polish (gel or regular) for up to 2 weeks and the application of nail moisturizers and treatments daily.
8. How do i remove gel polish?
Because of the polymers that allow the gel polish to stay on longer, gel color is more difficult and takes longer to remove.  Please bring back your nails to us to remove the gel color or have them removed at a salon or by a professionally trained nail technician. 
Do not peel or scrape polish from your nails.
9.  How much do you charge for OPI Gel Color?
You can opt to use OPI Gel Color with any of our services. 
Just add P450 for any express service; add P350 for any pamper, cool or opi or essie spa services; and add P250 for any bliss treatment.  Separate fees apply for hands and feet.  Gel polish removal is at P200.